Drug You
Name: Aléxia Monique Rosaria Santos {Alexia=[Al-eh-sia]; Rosaria=[Ro-sah-ree-ah] [For Rosaria, both the 'r'-s are rolled.]}
Nicknames Moni [Mawn-ee], Songbird, given to her by Connor.
Age: 27 years young
DOB: November 15, 1985
Location: New York City, New York, USA
Occupation: Musician & Bartender
Hobbies: Reading, performing, mixing drinks [for the nice customers], discovering new things and meeting new people. Making art and music, skateboarding, climbing trees. [Before the cops tell her to come down.]
A Story About The Past: There once was a girl who thought she had it all; a loving mother and father, along with the best family members she could think of. They lived by the ocean, in a villa. Though she had no clue that would all change on one sunny, cloudless Sunday morning.

It happened in a few stray seconds, when her father was turning onto the street that the little, homey church was upon. The sound of steel and bones crushing was sicking to the little ten-year-old girl as the car she sat in with her parents skidded and slid upon the asphalt. Some time later, the firefighters got her out. Everyone had died but her.

They called her the miracle child. But she didn't believe it. She ran.

And ran.

The police didn't think any of it, assuming she ran to some aunt or such. But no, she went home and sobbed until her tears ran dry. A British man that acted like a secondary father brought her to his home in England, and she resumed living there as he tended to everything back at her home in Brazil. He loved her like a father would, and helped her recover from the pain and suffering.

She grew up into a beautiful young woman, one that was kind and well mannered thanks to the man that she called "Daddy." [His real name was George Codrington, though she's never referred to him as that.] She wanted to go to America, and though it broke his heart that she wanted to leave at the age of eighteen, he permitted it. Though it wasn't too bad, especially when he visited her three times a year and called her on Skype almost every evening. The woman was gifted with a McLaren for her twenty-second birthday from her adoptive father, and she was surprised with him coming to the U.S. the very next day. They maintained a healthy relationship, and still do.

She always visited her homeland at least two times a year, once for her mother's birthday, and once for her father's, to celebrate their lives and to visit their graves. She and her adopted father own the villa and its land together, and have good fun taking a miniature vacation there sometimes.

After going to college and earning her degrees, Aléxia settled into a top floor apartment overlooking NYC's landscape bought by her wealthy father-figure. She then met a few friends and formed a band with them, eventually performing at a classy club and bar named the Cantina del Lobo. She then became a bartender there, and it known as one of the best after a few years of experience. Even though she had her traumatic childhood experience, the Brazilian has made the best of what she has, and with the aid of her father figure, they've made it a dream.

She is currently studying for her doctorate degree in History, as she has never taken a true break from her education. After all, Sir Codrington wanted her to be the best.